Friday, August 21, 2009

Han Van Meegerin's Race to Page Views Contest

Associated Content Contributor Han Van Meegerin stormed into AC in late March and has since gained over 150 fans with his interviews of fellow contributors and enthusiasm to make himself a success on AC. But with his page views totaling less then 15,000 thus far, he has taken it upon himself to run a contest of sorts within AC.

Racing to page views is its theme and there are several different contests being held at once, depending on where the participants page views currently lie. He has lain out the contest very well, his articles on the subject humorous, as if he's announcing a NASCAR race. And the picture above shows an example of how Meegerin has lain out the contest for everyone in a simple to read database.

I applaud Meegerin's gumption, eagerness, and initiative. Contributors who support their fellow writers out of the goodness of their own hearts is something I admire. It is also the sense of comraderie that surrounds most of the contributors that I find appealing about AC. We all love to write and we all have the same goals.

If you'd like to support the racers and the emcee of the race, check out Meegerin's Contributor's Profile and take a look at the slideshows to see who's in the lead. Take a look at the articles detailing the race and have a nice chuckle as you imagine him announcing a foot race. Leave a comment on his page for him to tell him what a great job he is doing.