Monday, February 7, 2011

Car Shopping Made Easier

My husband has been driving the same SUV since 2004.  I have been driving mine since 2001.  But since he had more mileage on his, we decided he'd be the first to get a new vehicle.  It was hard to shop for and one website would lead to another and another but in the end it really didn't do us any good.  We were able to get specs and add-on information but that was about it.  In the end we did okay with our purchase, though it wasn't without some frustration.

Now it's my turn to shop and I've just been introduced to a website that will help.  The Car Connection is so detailed that I can't help but be impressed.  So what kind of vehicle am I looking for?  My friend, Jennifer says I should go for a convertible like a Mazda Mx-5 Miata or a Volkswagen Eos.  Those are nice vehicles but they aren't really my style.  I'm a mom and I'm just starting the whole "transport your kids to ball games" thing so I'll need something a little more practical.  The Ford Focus looks alright but with two boys, I believe I'm going to need something a bit bigger, like maybe a Chevy Tahoe.

Whatever I end up deciding on (I'll be waiting until this fall to make my purchase when the best deals are), I'm sure I can find all the information I'll need like reviews, news, and more.  PP

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