Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yahoo! TV Superfan program - First round of cuts

If you were in the Yahoo! TV Superfan program, you should know by now that the first round of eliminations has been completed.  (This almost sounds like a TV program in itself.)  Some beat writers were cut for various reasons, many stayed.  I’m happy to report that I survived the first elimination for all four of the shows I’m covering which is “Criminal Minds”, Blue Bloods”, “House”, and “American Idol”.  Our submission limit has been uped to 2 per month and on our assignments, we’re still being instructed to write evergreen content.  While I’m glad that our limit has gone up, I’m discouraged that we’re still having to do just evergreen.  Recaps get more page views (if they are indexed quickly and are on the right feeds, that is), but from what I understand, if we survive the next few rounds of cuts, we’ll be able to do those recaps with a mixture of evergreen content.  (I have to wonder if by then, some of the seasons will be over!)

Another big change in the program is that upfronts have gone down on these assignments slightly.  Most people I have talked with actually expected this change and aren’t that concerned about it.  While I’m okay with getting a lower upfront, I hope it doesn’t get to the point where we’re only making a couple of dollars a piece on them.  I'm not sure any lower upfronts would be worth the research for evergreen or be worth the long review time.

Congrats to everyone who made it through the first round of cuts.  May you all have a prosperous month and happy writing!

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