Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Over 1,000 Page Views in One Day!

Hurray! This week, as I follow the season finales on the small screen, my page views have skyrocketed! This is excellent for me as I've been sitting on average of less then 100 views a day. On the 14th, I noticed my page views up 162 from the previous day. On the 5/15 update, it went up 450. 5/16 saw an increase in 517. I thought that would be my top off as the 5/17 update only showed an increase in 272 views. Then this morning, I check my account to find that between my Survivor Finale article (which caught almost 700 page views in one day) and my Jillian Harris article, plus added views from the other entertainment news I did, my page views since yesterday were up by 1028 views! Yippee!

But with all the page view complaints as of late, I put myself out there in the forum and asked if these were actual page views that wouldn't be taken away. While I believe in AC, I have to wonder how reliable the technology is that does these updates, especially when they couldn't pinpoint exactly how a problem with page views occurred last month. But here's for hoping.

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