Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Start (and Stats) of My Experiment

Before I dive into the social networking topic I promised earlier, I'd like to post an update of my page view experiment. Remember that I started this experiment after the first of the year.

To see how much of a difference this has already made, I calculated my average page views per day in December. I averaged 140 views a day. December was one of my worst months but I also didn't write as much in December with what being busy with Christmas and all. But all year, my page views have just kinda trickled along and I can certainly see how there are contributors who get frustrated at this trickle, coupled with declines of upfront offers and then just give up. I've often thought of just giving up myself sometimes. But hell. I've made it this far. Might as well keep going.

So as I dug into my reports this morning, I saw figures that astonished me. One article that I published yesterday got over 3800 views. In. One. Day. I was ecstatic. That, combined with page views from other articles, pushed my page views over 4200 in one day (see the graph at the top which resembles a heart monitor FINALLY springing to life). It helped that AC featured my articles on the Arts and Entertainment page (see the screen shot above) but most of those views I'm sure came from search engines.

It just goes to show that some articles will take off and some won't and you don't always know which ones will hit it.

My daily page view average stands at 610 right now. I'm already within a dollar of my highest page view performance payment ever and it's not even half way through the month. This is a dramatic increase and I hope to continue the rise.

I will keep everyone updated!

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  1. Congrats, Pam! Glad that you entered the Featured A&E program, and I hope it inspires you to continue churning out hits like this. :)