Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Option in Purchasing Tickets

There's not too many wide range ticket sellers online.  People automatically go to the one they've heard of most.  But is it always the cheapest?  Where else can you go to get a good price on many different events?

I don't know how long has been around but from the looks of things, they certainly know what they are doing.  They have theater, sports, concerts... any kind of event you want to see, they seem to have it.

I haven't bought a ticket from them yet but the next time that something comes along that I would love to see, I'll definitely try them out, especially if it can save me a few bucks.  And you don't have to just browse by event.  You can search for your local arena, browse through the schedule of upcoming events and choose whatever you'd like to see.  They have everything from Georgia Dome tickets to Cowboys Stadium tickets, to Arrowhead Stadium tickets.

If you've ever bought a ticket from them before, I'd be interested in hearing your experience.  Feel free to comment below.  PP

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