Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Yahoo! Contributor Award Nominations

Today is the day when I opened my schedule and decided to do a day of reading.  Everyone has their own special criteria for nominating and mine consists of a variety of factors which I'm not gonna waste time listing.  So let's get right to it, shall we?

There are only three award categories this year (which has shrunk from years past).  And here are my nominations.  Have fun reading and nominate if you wish.

Outstanding Contributor of the Year

Alice Clair Gunkee - She writes a lot of television related items, many of which require lots of research and time.  It isn't easy sitting down to make out long schedules of programming, compiling items from all across many networks, but she stays on top of things and even goes after the holiday specials viewers search for.  She's an A+ contributor.

Angie Mohr - Her articles are highly focused and very helpful.  She writes on a variety of subjects but specializes in finance, food, and wine.  She's more than helpful to a great number of fellow contributors.

Jennifer Wagner - She publishes a lot of quality content mostly focusing on home improvement and decorating.  Her articles are always helpful, creative, and well written.

Jolie du Pre - She's hard working, and produces lots of great quality and entertaining content.

Katie Sharp-Dierks - A great and helpful contributor whose main focus is on pregnancy topics.  

Lyn Lomasi - She is the hardest working writer I know.  Not only does she find time to write but she finds time to promote and help others on a regular basis.

Marie Anne St. Jean - I'm not big on crochet (even though I do enjoy reading about it and looking at new creations) but contributor of the year, in my opinion, isn't always about the content. Marie Anne has proven herself time and again as someone who will spend valuable time helping other contributors. She is more than willing to go out of her way for another contributor.

Lisa Mason - Not only is she kick-ass when it comes to content publishing but she spends time promoting and helping other writers.

Rookie of the Year

Kyla Matton - She produces good regular content which is hard to find in a new contributor. She's a "Rising Star" as well.  It also helps that she's a sweetheart!

Sylvie Branch - This newbie writer has blasted onto Y!CN with full force.  She has over 400 pieces of quality content, has a "Rising Star" award, has a Hot 100 badge, and is already sitting at Clout 9.

Kay Balbi - A "Rising Star" and Clout 9-er with over 400 pieces of content, too, Kay writes on a diverse range of topics.

Content of the Year 

When You Find a Breast Lump, Fear Takes Root - by Angie Mohr - This piece resonated with me because I am one of those women who is dealing with an unknown lump.  This article portrays exactly how I feel. 

Why Sunless Tanning Pills Are Dangerous - by Ann Olsen - A look at a dangerous trend.  Ann outlines exactly why you shouldn't take these pills.  It's eye opening. 

Stan Lee interview with Associated Content - by L. Vincent Poupard - From my perspective, I really shouldn't have to state why I nominated this piece; the headline speaks for itself. Larry has taken his status as a Yahoo! Contributor and taken it to the next level by interviewing the one and only comic book legend, Stan Lee. 

Homeschool Tips: Coping With Sending Your Kids to Traditional School - by Lyn Lomasi - This was a personal piece for Lyn as she dealt with this issue first hand.  As a mom, I understand this.  This article isn't all inclusive to homeschoolers, though.  My oldest will be in kindergarten next year and a lot of the points in the article pertains to that situation as well. 

Why Few Men Teach Elementary School - by Sterling Beaumont - This male elementary school teacher touches on a subject that isn't often thought about... unless you're actually a male elementary teacher.  It's a good perspective on a topic that doesn't get a lot of attention. 

My Story: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease After Childbirth - by Jan Corn - Many people have the misconception that PID can only come from having a sexually transmitted disease.  Not true. I also experienced this after giving birth. A great article and helps debunk a popular myth. 

What I Want You to Know - a Letter to My Daughters -  by Rodney Southern - This brought tears to my eyes and I think it will hit close to any parent. 

Business Alert: Terry's Complete Renovations - a Contracting Business in Scottsboro, Alabama (Video Link Included) - by Pamela Gifford - I'm nominating one of my own. I worked hard on this piece not for pay but so that no one else in my area would be pulled in by the shady contractor displayed in the article.


  1. Awesome choices! I don't think I merit anything close to what these other contributors have done, but thank you for the nomination.

  2. There are so many great writers and articles. It is so hard to decide. I think you made some great nominations though!

  3. Thanks for the nomination Pam. It means a lot to me. Kay

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination. I just found out about this today and I'm very flattered!