Friday, December 3, 2010

November 2010, Month End Review

So for the past two months, I've been whining about my page views on AC.  There's a sweet spot where if I pick a topic that gets good views and stick with it throughout the month, I do well.  For September and October, I never hit it.  November was a bit different and my page views once again increased enough for me to make a descent amount in performance pay before Christmas.  I've even managed to get my Hot 500 badge back! (It now says "Hot 500 Yahoo!" and is no longer a cute little flame, but that's cool.)
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But there were many more things that went on in November.  First, entertainment contributors were offered the opportunity to apply for a regular Yahoo!TV gig.  We opened an application window, told them what set us apart as television contributors, check marked what shows we kept up with on a regular basis and sent it in.  A short wait later, we received descent paying assignments that would test our ability to write for those shows on a regular basis.  For me, it included five shows, "Criminal Minds", "House", "American Idol", "NCIS", and "Blue Bloods".

As of right now, I've had the "NCIS" article and "Blue Bloods" article, which were both episode recaps, published on AC.  Now, I'm not sure if that means that I won't get those spots.  Recaps were allowed as part of the test articles but their timeliness in publishing is what makes page views.  The staff did not get around to publishing them until they were a few weeks past air date so inevitably, they went on AC and page views suck because they weren't timely.  Going to Yahoo! TV was more evergreen content.  My "American Idol" article has already been published over there and my "House" article, which is a comparison of House on vicoden vs House on Cuddy, was delivered to Yahoo! TV yesterday but hasn't been published yet.  My "Criminal Minds" article, which was a "best quotes" type thing, is still sitting in my queue waiting review.  I'm anxious, as I'm sure everyone who applied for the positions is, to see who gets the gigs.

November also saw the change from our status as an Associated Content contributor to the Yahoo! Contributor Network (has a nice ring to it).  There are still glitches to be worked out but I have confidence they will be remedied.  As long as I can publish and I'm getting page views and am getting paid, I can live with the glitches without getting too upset.  Annoyed at no notifications, yes.  Angry, no.  There's no point to it.  This was a huge roll out and was inevitable.  It still can't compare to the disaster that was's "upgrade".  After that, I can deal with the stuff YCN is going through.  (Once I hear back from Yahoo! about logo use, there will be a change in this blog's header, too, hint, hint!)

So November was a rising point for me.  And I continue on.

Be looking for an upcoming special post within the next week or two about the Yahoo! Contributor Awards.  Check your account page on YCN if you have no clue what I'm talking about.  I am planning a day devoted to reading and nominating my choices for these awards and I will post my choices on this blog in case you'd like to nominate them, too.  :)

I hope all the U.S. contributors had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Hope your Christmas (or whatever you celebrate this time of year) goes well.


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