Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goals Met for the Week

After what I consider a very good month with Associated Content, I jumped into the first week of June with gusto! Unfortunately, because I concentrated so much on entertainment news last month, I've almost forgotten how to write general content articles! Ahhhhh! So I struggled for topics to write about that wasn't entertainment. I did two entertainment news last week (which earned me a surprise celebrity follower on Twitter), and submitted three others for upfront. I haven't yet been offered anything on those; I almost suspect one will be rejected, but I wasn't sure about it so I submitted it for upfront anyway. One's a newbie guide to a popular website, another is a challenge to become a cloth shopping bag user, and another is how to save some money on your electric bill. I've read up on SEO quite a bit this past week so I'm hoping I'll get some higher upfronts. If not, I'm gonna beg the Workshop forum for help.

In store next week: I have three display only articles planned, two along the theme of free money and stuff and the other will be the publishing of my second installment of "Pamela's Best of AC Creative Writing and Slideshows". (I'm publishing the latter so that Han Van Meegerin will stop bugging me! Just kidding, friend.) I also have four upfront articles planned (all articles along the same theme). K. Karl's pregnancy series has my brain a'churning.

So my monthly goals are going along so far so good. After over a month without upfronts, I'll be happy to get some extra money coming in again.


  1. Very nice Pamela - like the blog!

  2. Oops! Forgot to add my name so you'd know who it was - this is Tammy Waters.

  3. I'll be keeping up with your blog. Love reading it. :-) Been thinking of starting another blog for AC myself. Maybe I'll do it. lol