Friday, June 26, 2009

I Want to Be Optimistic

Next week will mark the end of June. While I know this is a little premature, I'm going to start taking stock of my end of month review. First, I made a mathematical error on my averages for last month. I don't know how I made this error (only reason maybe is that math and I don't jive), but my average daily page views last month totaled 221 views a day, not the just over 100 views a day that I previously quoted. Good, right? Not really. The reason I discovered this error is that despite all the writing I've done so far, my page views are simply holding. I'm told that June is usually a bad time for page views. I'm hoping it's just a slump in the year and nothing more. In any case, this month, I've felt like I was struggling just to keep up my page view average, which is currently standing at 225 views a day. Upfront payments, considering I had nothing for upfront last month, is of course considerably higher. I haven't checked yet, but I believe my upfront earnings are higher then I've ever gotten. I will confirm that at a later date.

Did I learn more about SEO like I wanted? Yes and no. There were a number of very nice sources who had no problem being critical in the forums for me. Thanks to Tsu Dho Nimh and Carol Bengle Gilbert for their insight. I needed that. But, I still don't know much more then I did before. It's not about trying to pack keywords into an article. It's about focusing, zeroing in an a particular topic. I'm still learning.

Did I reach my goal of at least 20 articles? Yes, and then some. Even though I still write for another site and my blogs, I still managed, so far to have 21 articles published and a few more still waiting in the queue. I've had two articles declined to edit and resubmit and one that was completely pulled for being "too promotional".

Overall, I feel like it has been a good month. Not resounding, but good, nonetheless. I'm also hoping to be able to write even more next month but with three children all day, I'm not sure I can actually do it without overwhelming myself. I really don't know how those who write 10+ articles a day can do it. I guess it takes practice and persistence.

Stay tuned for my "official" end of the month review and for an experiment in page views that I want to try next month. Happy writing!

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