Monday, April 5, 2010

A Few Points About Word Count

  • General guidelines state the word count should be at least 350 (excluding poetry).  This isn't a case of "Your content should be 350 words, no more or no less," like I've seen some people ask, but 350 is the minimum.  Feel free to go over that word count if need be.
  • Yes, some time back, the minimum was 400.  Now it's 350 which, in my opinion is a better option.  Personally, I'd like to see it cut down to 300 as there are many times I struggle to keep on point while still meeting word count guidelines.  I hate having to "fluff" my articles to meet the word count.
  • Some assignments will specify a higher or shorter word count; pay attention to the assignment details.  
  • Don't get all upset if someone flags your content and it gets pulled due to you not following the word count guidelines.  You're not above the rules and it's not your site.
  • If you use quotes within your content, they do not count toward your total word count.  Surprised?  I was, too.  For as long as I've been writing, to be scolded by AC for not following word count guidelines due to quotes, is disconcerting.  So I hope my faux pas will help prevent someone from making a similar mistake. 
Time to rewrite and resubmit.  Catch ya later.

*Author's note:  Since this blog post went up, word count minimum guidelines have changed for DO's (display only) and those articles submitted for upfront.  Please consult this forum thread for the explanation of changes and always (ALWAYS) check submission guidelines.


  1. I am surprised to see that quotes are not counted toward total word count.

    As far as the 350 word minimum, I'm thinking I must be too long-winded or something. I find it difficult to keep under 600 words.

    Then again, I have not done a lot of assignments yet.

  2. I believe they have just changed the word count minimum, especially with the new video option in articles.