Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Blog for Writers

I signed up with Associated Content in September of '08. (OMG, has it really been almost two years?)  I didn't write for a few months and then I came back in January of '09 and began pounding out articles, learning what works, what doesn't, and still to this day I'm learning.  In May of '09 I started this blog as a way to promote my work on AC and to share things that I've learned.  I never would've guessed that it would be a source for newbies or that it would have a ranking of 4 (!) on Google.

As Associated Content changes and grows, this blog will be in service for a long time.  With the fairly new Yahoo! acquisition, things will be changing here and there so I doubt I'll run out of topics anytime soon; especially since many contributors are picking up assignments for the Yahoo! main network of sites, too, like Shine, OMG, News, and more.  It's all very exciting.

As some of you may be aware, another site I write for is  I have a couple of Examiner posts on this blog only because I know that there are many ACer's who also write for Examiner.  But Examiner is a very different beast from AC.  There's a different organization to it, there are different rules of the road.  Now that I've been writing for for almost 10 months now and write on 2 different topics, I can say that there are many things I've learned, some things I haven't, and yet other things that I think would be beneficial to having a better place for Examiners to network and share thoughts.  This blog has been good in that respect for AC and now there will be a blog for writing, too.

If you're an writer, or considering being one, feel free to hop on over to my brand new blog, Writing for  I'll have the first blog post up very soon.

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