Monday, July 26, 2010

Computer Shopping

I'd never heard of before.  Apparently, they are a shopping site and not too shabby either.  They sell everything from clothes to computers.  For me, I'm always in the market for a computer.  After all, as a content writer, much of my life is online so I've got to have reliable hardware at a price I can afford (even on a content writer's pay).

So far, I like the site.  The layout is simple and not to crowded.  It's very easy to use, too.  All you do is just click on something you're interested in to see the product details, read reviews... and what's better is that many of the listings have price comparison for different sites.  Take for instance this MacBook Pro Notebook listing.  What could be easier then that, right?  In addition, you can put in your email address in order to get an alert when the price drops.  Pretty impressive.

So it's not everyday that I go out looking for a new computer or laptop.  But computers and laptops is not all they carry.  They also have accessories... tons of accessories.  If you look at this category here for computer accessories, they have over 20,000 items listed.  This tells me that they might just have anything you may need.  And if you'll take a look at the left column, you can easily search by brand, ratings, and more options.

If you're on the lookout for computers and accessories, maybe you should head over to the computer side of PP

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