Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best Choice in Car Repair and Information

Not long ago I came across while writing an assignment for another client.  This site is so huge that there's no way I can go over the whole thing in just one post so I'll try to show you the various uses of it instead.

First, let's say your stranded in San Diego and you need to find the nearest auto repair shop.  You can go to and search for San Diego auto repair and there you go.  Or you can search for an auto shop anywhere.  After hitting "search", you have a Google map that comes up marking the nearest shops to your location.  You can also see the shop's rating in the listing.

Second, let's say you're considering buying a Ford F-150 and you'd like to read up on customer reviews, ratings, any recalls on parts, or really anything you can think of before you buy it.  Look it up on the site and there you go.  You have everything on one site that you can possibly want information on.

Third, say you want to know what that little click in your engine is or what it means when your check engine light comes on.  That information is there, too.  The great part is if the article misses anything, you can scroll down to see user comments which is often helpful as well.

This site is impressive.  It has everything about automobiles that you can possibly imagine.  From repair to shop locations to technical information to reviews, everything you need, even if you are in a bind, is there for the browsing.  I've recommended it before and I do so again.  PP

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