Monday, October 18, 2010

All About Multiple Sclerosis

I don't know much about multiple sclerosis or otherwise commonly known as MS.  I know that the percentage of people who have it isn't very high and I know that it is debilitating.  That's the extent of my knowledge.  I don't have it and I don't know anyone who does.

But what if someone I care about was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?  How would I find information that would tell me what it was?  How would I know about MS treatment or symptoms? 

If you find yourself needing to learn more about MS, then you should check out the website  I never knew there were so many topics that focus on MS.  There is everything from living with MS tips like how to keep cool during the summer, sexuality issues, traveling with MS, and info on multiple sclerosis diet.  It looks like a good site to keep up with news, too.

If you have MS or know someone with MS, this site may be exactly what you are looking for.  PP

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  1. Thank you for posting this. A good friend of mine has MS. I will let her know about I'm also interesting in learning more too.