Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remodeling with Glass Tiles

For the last two years, I've lived in a construction zone.  There seems to be an ongoing remodeling project in one or more areas of the house (right now it's the bathroom floor and building walls in the basement).  While that's enough to drive any mom slightly insane, it's not a completely negative experience.  Shopping for the new items to decorate with is one of the fun aspects.

I was sent a link to Glass Tile Store.  They have beautiful tiles of all kinds.  Case in point, I'm having small fits over the verde diamond glass tile.  I can see that making a beautiful backsplash in my kitchen when we get ready to tackle that room.  There are also great choices for bathroom tiles.  Unfortunately, we're already in the grout (which, btw, they carry grout, too) stage of the bathroom so we'll have to pass on that.

They also have subway tiles which is great for bathroom, kitchen, walls and more.  This is certainly a site I'll be bookmarking in our "Remodel" folder.  PP

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  1. I have recurring dreams of how my kitchen and bathroom will look when I finally get enough money to completely re-do them. I would love to have a great tiled backsplash, there are so many to choose from that I could shop all day and not come to a firm decision.