Thursday, October 21, 2010

The truth about labels: Getting blogging categories right the first time

This post is actually related more to blogging but I can also attach it to AC's keyword section when you are publishing content.  The keywords you type in at AC have nothing to do with how your article ends up in a search and more of how AC will match similar content to your article.  Those similar content links will be on your page.

Until AC allows us to pick "Related Content" from our own article garden, we're stuck with everyone else's links on our page both on the right side and underneath our articles.  A way to try (and I emphasize try because the process is completely computerized and random) to get more of your related content on the same page as your latest article is to try to use the same keywords on each.  This works for me sometimes but not all of the time.

Read further for more about how labels define blogs.
 When I first started blogging, I thought that the box where labels go at the end of your blog post were aides in helping your content be discovered through a search.  So the more labels you use, the better your chances, right?

That actually has nothing to do with search-ability at all.  Your blog's search-ability has everything to do with content and nothing to do with labels. 


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