Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Article Etiquette: Name-calling in an article does not display intelligence

State opinions intelligently.

We've all heard this but do we all adhere by it?  Unfortunately, no.  Some people, I would imagine, even have a hard time understanding what an intelligent opinion is.  I'll sum it up for you.

Don't name-call.

You'd think that anyone smart enough to be getting by fairly well on Y!CN would know that you can't state an opinion intelligently by grouping people together and calling them all a name.  But it happens more than you might think.

In a recent article by a contributor I will not name here, everyone in a religion was grouped together and called "crazy", "dumb", and "stupid".  Sounds more like elementary writing, doesn't it?  I've seen similar articles here and there and they do nothing to gain the respect of readers or peers... unless they are just as elementary as the writer, that is.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having an opinion.  But be intelligent about stating your opinion in words.  Name calling helps no one, especially you. All it does is make you look like you have no class.

That will be all for today.  Have a great week, Y!CN!

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