Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Page View Goals, Subscriptions... All Irrelevant Now

I'm happy at the Yahoo! change over, don't get me wrong.  And as the bugs are still being ironed out and things are slowly smoothing, I find myself more and more pleased at the opportunities now being offered.  I'm sooooo excited about being a part of the Yahoo!TV Superfan program.  I'm extremely pleased about being published on more and more Yahoo! sites and now I've just been accepted as a Featured Parenting Contributor.  I've decided to seize these opportunities and do the best with them that I can.

But this change also brings out some things that few may have thought of.  This integration has now made standard page view goals and subscriptions almost irrelevant. 

When you publish on Associated Content, two things happen.  First, a notice goes to those who've subscribed to your work.  Second, at each daily page view update, you see your main page views go up.  But some contributors regularly have articles that go to Yahoo! sites now.  Those articles' page views are separate from our main page views.  This makes a heckuva difference when you have thousands of views on the Yahoo! sites and your main views don't go up.  That makes getting to be a PV Millionaire with the little badge of honor on your profile a bit harder to reach (as if it wasn't hard enough before).  Also, for those articles, a notification doesn't go to your subscribers so they have no clue you've published new content.  Not that it really makes a difference on page views (more views come from searches than subscribers with most content), but it could be a little disappointing for those fans who want to read specific topics of yours.

In any case, I'm not complaining, just pointing out a flaw.  No longer can I successfully say "I'm going to reach 500,000 by July," when so much of my content is being shifted to other sites and page views are separated.

In any case, the same page view tactics apply to any site.  This is not meant to say that anything is different regarding how to get page views on Associated Content, only that it's a different standard now.

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